Quatrième rencontre du groupement RES-HIST, Nice, MSHS Sud-Est, 22 au 24 septembre 2016

Jean-Pierre Dedieu, CNRS, IAO/Framespa, « Fichoz, retour d’expérience »

Fichoz is a database for historical research which has been working for almost thirty years. First elaborated by the PAPE group (Personal Administrativo y Político de España) at the Maison des Pays Ibériques in Bordeaux for the study of the agents of the Spanish Monarchy in the XVIIIth century (1988-2005), it later extended its scope to a new set of problems when its supervisor, the author of the present paper, was assigned to the LARHRA (Laboratoire de Recherche Historique Rhône Alpes), in Lyon (2005-2013). It reached its full development when it had to cope with entirely new questions and sources in the IAO (Institut de l’Asie Orientale), a joint institute of the CNRS and of the University of Lyon, located at the ENS Lyon, which presently hosts the database.

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