Helen Moore- BIOBANQUES May 17, 2016


Biobanking National Infrastructure Meeting

Quality matters: Improving the quality of biological resources

Session 1. Controling pre-analytical factors. 


U.S. perspective on developing biospecimen evidence-based practices.

The U.S. National Cancer Institute (NCI) has played a leading role in developing Best Practices for Biospecimen Resources, sponsoring new research in Biospecimen Science, and building groundbreaking research biospecimen collections including postmortem biospecimens for the NIH GTEx program. The ultimate goal of these efforts is to increase the reproducibility of basic and clinical research. The field has greatly advanced since the launch of the NCI Best Practices and the NCI Biospecimen Research Network (BRN) in 2007. This presentation will address the following questions: What have we learned from the BRN? How can we move from biospecimen science research data to biospecimen evidence-based practices? What’s the difference between evidence-based practices and SOPs? What new research funding programs do we need to carry this work forward? What will we do in the U.S. to build evidence-based practices? How can we work internationally to collaboratively review and consider the weight of various sources of biospecimen science research data?



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