Paul Hofman 1 - BIOBANQUES 17 mai 2016

Biobanking National Infrastructure Meeting

Quality matters: Improving the quality of biological resources

Session 1 : Controlling preanalytical factors


Why it is mandatory to control the pre analytical phase in biobanking activity associated with personalized medicine projects?

The onset of several targeted therapies and of new immunotherapy programs has dramatically changed the taking care of cancer patients. In this context, many molecules are currently under development targeting different receptors (located at the membrane, at the cytoplasm or at the nucleus) or targeting different intracellular pathways. The assessment of these different cellular targets is now strongly mandatory before treatment. Thus, the drug administration to the cancer patient is directly link to the presence or to the absence of the molecular target detected into the cancer tissue. These so called “companion diagnostic test” concern the establishment of different tests looking for genomic alteration or protein expression. The biological samples used in this context are variable and can be some tissue, cytological and blood (circulating tumor cells or circulating free DNA) samples. These different samples need to be very well managed for patients taking care. It is noteworthy that the databases associated with the biobanks integrate now more and more information concerning genomics data and companion diagnostic tests results in order to analyze these biomarkers according to the follow up of patients and to their treatment. The quality of the results depends greatly of the management of samples by controlling the different pre analytical parameters. The final goal is then to reduce the false negative and the false positive results. This presentation will explain the main pitfalls occurring during the management of samples during the pre-analytical steps and the potential consequences in both biopathology and biobanking activities.


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