Biobanking National Infrastructure Meeting

Quality matters: Improving the quality of biological resources

Session 2: The present and future of biobanking / Session 2B: Next Generation Biobanking


Next Generation Biobanking

Hospital-related Biobank (BB-0033-00025) University of Nice Sophia Antipolis and Inserm U10181 UMR CNRS 7284, IRCAN, Faculty of Medicine and FHU OncoAge, Pasteur Hospital, Nice, France. Paul Hofman is Professor of Pathology at the Nice Sophia Antipolis University, France. He did post doc trainings in Pathology at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital (Harvard Medical School USA) and at the Max Planck Institute (Tubingen, Germany). He heads the Laboratory of Clinical and Experimental Pathology, Pasteur Hospital, University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, France. He is the director of the FHU OncoAge at Nice Sophia Antipolis and of the Hospital-related biobank (BB-0033-00025) located in the Comprehensive Cancer Center and in the Hospital of Nice. He is the director of the Inserm U10181/UMR CNRS 7284 (IRCAN team 3) aiming to decipher the mechanisms occurring during the cross talk between inflammatory and cancer cells. IRCAN and OncoAge Centers ( aim to better understanding the different processes linking ageing process and cancer diseases. He published 487 papers (pubmedNCBI January 2016).


TUESDAY MAY 17, 2016

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