Biobanking National Infrastructure Meeting

Quality matters: Improving the quality of biological resources

Session 2: The present and future of biobanking / Session 2A: Biobanking infrastructures

Georges DAGHER

The French National infrastructure

Abstract: BIOBANQUES infrastructure takes French collections of biological resources to new heights of coordination and efficiency providing expert services and better access for users. It is operational since 2014 and set up services to meet the aims of the infrastructure and the needs of public and private partners. These services include: 1) One stop access to biological resources; 2) Quality and biosecurity; 3) Ethical, legal and societal issues; 4) Methodology and biostatistics; 5) Information Technology; 6) a link to the pan-European infrastructure BBMRI-ERIC. All of these services are operational. The infrastructure has replied to more than 226 requests, from both public and private partners, and has trained 374 individuals. In addition, two technical platforms are operational, namely the DNA encapsulation platform in Genopole centre and the RFID platform for sample traceability in Nice biobank, with ongoing extension to other biobanks. This is in agrement with the objectives of BIOBANQUES to foster the development of innovative technologies.

One of the main objectives of BIOBANQUES is to favour and support the onset of national and international research consortia. Thus, in 2014, the infrastructure elicited and participated to 21 consortia that applied to European calls. The infrastructure is partner of 8 funded projects and is participating in two projects undergoing evaluation. To foster research and technical innovation, BIOBANQUES has launched each year, since 2013, a call to fund projects in various fields such as: quality of samples, innovative technologies, interoperability of databases, data warehouses. To date, 17 projects were funded for a total budget of 1.1 million €.

Governance: The infrastructure includes a Governance Council, an international scientific advisory board, a coordination committee and a stakeholder’s forum. All bodies held regularly an annual meeting since 2012. 70 % of the projects deliverables were achieved

TUESDAY MAY 17, 2016


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