Systems Biology Mini Symposium - SDI - Alessio GIZZI - Three-dimensional Thermoelectrical Modelling of Paralytic Ileus 9 décembre 2009

Alessio GIZZI Three-dimensional Thermoelectrical Modelling of Paralytic Ileus. Paralytic ileus (PI), an inevitable aftermath of major abdominal surgeries, prevents the passage of food throughout the lumen leading to bloating, distension, emesis and pain. Although improvements in supportive measures have been achieved, no useful therapy to eliminate these motility disorder has been developed yet. Because there is a lack in scienti?c literature, PI remains an important clinical problem. To this aim we describe the existing 1D intestinal electrophysiological Aliev-Richards-Wikswo ionic model in two and three-dimensions, drawing a plausible mathematical scenario, physiologically ?ne tuned, which explains a possible cause of PI. Thermal coupling is introduced to study the in?uence of temperature variations, one of the most important external factors occuring on intestine tissue during surgery in operating theater. Spiral waves behaviours, theoretically observed in the simulations, are present similarly as it happens in heart, brain and many other excitable tissues. We relate theese electrical turbulent patterns with electrically driven disorders which are clinically experienced.

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