Systems Biology Mini Symposium - SDI - Matteo OSELLA - Entropic contributions to the splicing process Dec. 9, 2009


Matteo OSELLA I) Entropic contributions to the splicing process. It has been recently argued that the depletion attraction may play an important role in different aspects of the cellular organization, ranging from the organization of transcriptional activity in transcription factories to the formation of the nuclear bodies. We suggest a new application of these ideas in the context of the splicing process, a crucial step of messenger RNA maturation in Eukaryotes. We shall show that entropy effects and the resulting depletion attraction may explain the relevance of the aspecific intron length variable in the choice of the splice-site recognition modality. On top of that, some qualitative features of the genome architecture of higher Eukaryotes can find an evolutionary realistic motivation in the light of our model.

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