Masterclass Biobanking Nice

Masterclass Biobanking Nice

Gilles ERB - BIOBANQUES May 19, 2016


Biobanking National Infrastructure Meeting

Quality matters: Improving the quality of biological resources

Session 6

Gilles ERB

The question of quality and standardization for pre-analytics in histopathology, immunohistology and in situ hybrization testing.

Often resumed as Garbage in - Garbage out, the question of quality and standardization for pre analytics is a major problem in histopathology, immunohistology and in situ hybrization testing that are key elements for any diagnosis or treatment decision in Oncology. Pre analytics will affect all kind of tissue testing from simple histopathology on which most of the diagnoses rely to immunohistochemistry and in situ hybrization that become more and more important for diagnoses but also treatment decision and optimize patient care. This becomes more and more critical nowadays with the emergence of personalized healthcare and the increasing number of potential targeted therapies under development currently. In parallel, the emergence of immunohistopathology in new regions like sub saharian countries implies effort to educate about best practice to ensure reliable testing. The increasing role of companion diagnosis such as HER2 in Breast and Gastric Cancer, ALK and EGFR in Lung in the last decade and the upcoming new targeted therapies requiring sensitive and specific biomarker testing can only be achieved if all the steps in the per analytical and analytic process follow standardized and validated protocols.



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